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HIT LYRIX BY WEIRD CORII is a ghost writing services that endeavors in flourishing the artistry, lyrics, and sound in the world of creative artist. Since 2019, Weird Corii has been crafting her sound and voice as a way to express her mind, rhythm, and connection for the love of music. Over the years, Weird Corii has worked with many performing and upcoming artist in the Tallahassee area, and even created of her songs for artist to perform.

Now we are on the rise to create a worldwide platform for artists and talents to come together and create beautiful music. At Hit Lyrix By Weird Corii we offer a variety of services to help bring your musical vision to life, such as songwriting, recording, engineering and producing. Our team of professionals have years of experience in the industry and have worked with many renowned artists.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of services and ensure that your creative vision is captured in its entirety. Whether you are an independent artist or part of a major label, we will take our time to craft melodies and lyrics that match your unique style.

 Weird Corii / HLBWC / Since 2020

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